David is the only 5-Language-speaking Comedian on the planet.

David Edward Garcia

Student Motivation Specialist

David is the only 5-language-speaking-motivational-comedian on the planet! David empathizes with diverse students who face challenges because he was once considered an "at-risk student" himself before defying the odds and graduating with a bachelor's degree and then earning his Master’s Degree. He has motivated children and mature adults in some of the greatest metropolitan cities of the world: Los Angeles, New York, Sao Paulo, Paris, and London.

His upbringing facilitated his multi-culturalism/ multi-lingualism which make it easy to relate to diverse audiences. While his native languages are English, and Spanish, David's has also presented in French, and Portuguese in his international tours. (He also speaks Italian, bringing his language total to five—for now.) He was voted North America’s #1 Youth Motivational Comedian by Top Youth Speakers of America in 2013. After he is done speaking, you won’t know if he’s a comedian with an amazing message, or the most hilarious speaker you have ever heard.

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Brandon Spinazzola
Live Events Coordinator

David has been voted "North America's #1 Youth Motivational Comedian" the last three years in a row (2013-2015) by Top Youth Speakers.

He has been to 19 countries, speaks 5 languages, and has re-written the rules on inspirational speaking.

Every presentation is a Motivational-Comedy-Party that you will never forget.


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Grab the Bull (y) By the Horns

Anti-Bullying Presentation

How to deal with bullies, vampires, and dating Violence. This talks about bullying, and talks about bullying in dating in domestic and dating relationships. It also deals with people who bully through manipulation (vampires) and drain your zest for living.

Kindness Party

Anti-Bullying Presentation

This is my second bullying speech, but the focus remains on more of a festive/ party atmosphere. This definitely has a “Kill’em with Kindness, Ressurect Them with Love” feel. The goal is to create a totally different culture in school, one where love and kindness are the norm!

Flip the Script and Be the Star of Your Movie Everyday


This presentation talks about how to write (or re-write) the script of your life to whatever you wish it to be! I will teach how you can start writing out your movie now, so you can be successful, happy, wealthy, healthy, and live your dream life! I will give three keys that will undoubtedly give you success Turn your pain into power, you past in positivity, and find the gift in your dissapointments! This presentation will teach you how to channel your energy, ensure success and happiness, and transcend all limits!


Just Say Yes

Say YES TO happiness, success, and a stellar future through overcoming drugs and peer pressure.

You Got This


Why we need you to be a great leader now more than ever; and I will give keys how to be the best leader ever. The title comes from stressing the fact to students that they can do this and they can successfully navigate the seemingly daunting task of leading the way.



21 Things to Do Before You're 21 Years Old

This presentation teaches how you can embrace life, be serious about success, and have fun all at the same time. In fact, to have a happy/satisfying life, all three are necessary. This presentation is a celebration of being a college student and shares 21 things to do before the BIG 21 to ensure a happy/satisfying and successful life (and a great 21st birthday!)

Flip the Script and Be the Star of Your Movie Everyday


Turn your pain into power and find the gift in your dissapointments! This presentation will teach you how to channel your energy, ensure your success and happiness, and transcend all limits!

Grab the Bull (y) By the Horns

Anti-Bullying Presentation

Bullying seems to be the buzz in our world today. What exactly is bullying? When does it go from teasing to becoming harmful (and even fatal)? What if you are in love with a bully, or being pursued by a bully who is in love with you? Why does bullying piss me off and make me lose all rationale? When does bullying end and how can you deal with it now? This presentation will handle these questions directly.

Everyday a Fiesta


I still feel awkward giving a "diversity speech" because if a university has 20,000 people, there are 20,000 diversities present. The main objective is to celebrate yourself first, and from that overflow celebrate EVERY other student you come in contact with. The truth is we are all diverse, and unique - we are all a masterpiece. When you celebrate the uniqueness of yourself and others, life becomes beautiful beyond description!

Want to be rich, happy, and successful? DO THESE 3 THINGS. This is a motivational comedy that gives students three keys that will undoubtedly ensure their future success. Half of this message is delivered in pro-standup comedy format and the other half has humoristic anecdotes and poignant truths that make this learning process extremely fun!

Motivational Comedy


This is motivational comedy, celebrating the life and the fact that students have gone through a lot just to make it to this point in their lives! It is half standup / half inspiration / ALL POSITIVE, and gives students keys to ensure continued success, happiness, abundance, and wealth.


Kindness Party

Anti-Bullying Presentation

This anti-bullying presentation maitains a festive/ party atmosphere. The goal is to make students aware of what bullying is, how to deal with it, and create a kindness culture in school.

Success Party

Life Goals, Education, and Positivity

This presentation is geared to inspire children from a young age that success belongs to them, and dreamy future is awaiting them. The goal is to teach them to adopt positive behaviors (such as school, healthy living, and positivity) early on in life.

Happiness Party

Drug Prevention/ Red-Ribbon week, and Right Choices

This presentation celebrates the fact that children are born happy and they can keep their happiness the rest of their life. There will be happiness robbers that try to rip them off. These robbers are drugs, violence, and destructive behaviors. Children are taught to say NO to happiness robbers, and say YES to happiness. They are given a three step process on how to deal with drugs and other destructive vices.

Adults / Professionals

Bringing YOUR A-Game All Day, EVERYDAY!

Motivation / Success

How to be your best you 24/7 (energized/ positive). This teaches how to not be “stressed out” and frazzeled, but rather alive and excited EVERYDAY. This presentation teaches how to manage your energy, transform your thinking, and attract happiness, abundance, and vitality!

Your Best School Year Ever Starts Now

3 Keys to Motivate Any Student

Motivational Fiesta

Motivation / Comedy

An injection of positivity and laughter, celebrating the work that employees have done, and giving them keys to ensure continued success, happiness, abundance, and wealth.


Stop "surviving" and start living!

Teaching how to do more than “make it through the week, make it through another year” and how to live in abundance, happiness, and success no matter what life brings you. This comes through the conviction that healthy teachers create healthy students and healthy classrooms! The health of the teachers is vital!

How teach and entertain simultaneously!

David teaches educators how to use story-telling, acting, and standup comedy techniques that the pro’s use in the classroom every day. This will undoubtedly make EVERYDAY in the classroom fun and a more conducive learning environment! This is a total “HOW-TO” presentation.